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Why You Don't Need Television Any More


Because of our technology nowadays, people would now not need to get a television in order for them to watch shows that are aired on their television. Now that we are able to easily access the internet in our homes, we now only need to have a computer in order for us to be able to watch television shows. We could even use our smart phones in order to watch television shows like our computers can as it would be able to have a connection to the internet and can watch videos online.


There are a lot of television networks in our times today that would also have their online channels where we could go using the internet. The shows that we are not able to see in our country from other places can be viewed online thus we would be able to have more options on what to watch than what our local cable network is able to provide. We would surely be able to enjoy watching television shows more on the internet than getting a cable connection on our TV as it would surely be able to show us a lot more channels.


There are a lot of different kinds of advantages for free online shows that we could get in watching television shows on our computer rather than in our TV. Having a connection to the internet, we would not need to pay for bills for TV cable connections as we could watch our favorite TV shows on our computer nowadays thus making us save a lot of money on our monthly bills.


 There are websites on the internet for free movies that can enable us to watch any episode of any TV series or movie whenever we want to thus we would not need to wait for a specific time for our show to be aired as it can be watched anytime on the internet. There are also a lot of shows that are shown online ahead of its TV screening in some countries as there are some delays in some cable channels. We would surely can say that we are able to see TV shows first on the internet especially if the TV show that we are watching are from TV channels abroad. There are a lot of different kinds of shows all over the world that we are able to see because of the internet and of our computers thus we would not need a television anymore.